Welcome to Jenuine Apps! We are an iOS app + web development startup based in Adelaide, Australia. If you are a small business wanting to establish your online presence, whether by creating an online store, a website, or an app, we’d love to help. Starting your own business and being your own boss is both an incredibly exciting and scary experience, and we completely understand that, so let us partner with you to help you get your business up and running.

Who we are

Jen started her career in a consulting company as an IT consultant. She helped companies develop business solutions and provided iPhone user training. This led to another opportunity to work as a business analyst. She spent much of those years building intranet websites and streamlining business processes.

Jen enjoyed problem solving and working with clients but felt unfulfilled. She wanted to move into the iOS space and have more creative freedom in her work. Without any background in business and iOS development, Jen self-learned. The idea of starting her own business was intriguing yet scary.

Things took a turn when a friend asked for an iPhone shopping app for her fashion boutique. The joy of working with a small business in such a personal way gave Jen the confidence to continue down this path.

In 2016, Jen and her husband Wei Yan founded Jenuine Apps. Based in Adelaide, Australia, they now help small companies establish their online presence.

Why us

We are a small business ourselves, so we understand how you feel. The excitement, the sleepless nights, the pressure. The need to try, because not even trying is to fail.

With our background in consulting, we listen and work to suit your business needs. There is no point spending time and effort on something that does not fit you.

We personalise our work to your brand. Your website/online store/app should look and feel like you.

We are honest about our ideas, thoughts and intentions. We want to establish long term relationships and be as helpful as we can with our clients.